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AI Fundamentals (Online Academy)

Navigating to Value: Lead your organization into the fourth industrial revolution with this essential online course

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Course Overview

There is no doubt Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform all industries. In the tech industry, it already has. But where do you begin to understand this new, disruptive technology? Machine Learning, Nature Language Processing, Big Data — these terms need to be demystified, and given concrete applications.

This six-week online course provides you with a core understanding of the adoption and integration of AI. You will gain insights into practical use cases and business applications of AI, and build the skills needed to define an AI opportunity, determine why it is valuable, source the relevant data, and evaluate success.

Online Course

Starts: 5th Nov 2020

PRICE: £699 + VAT


Why choose this course?

What to Expect

  • Latest Trends and Use Cases: This workshop will delve into the latest trends and use cases to show you current and future applications of AI;
  • Practical Impact: This workshop will give you practical tools to develop a clear strategy based on value creation through AI solutions;
  • The Full Lifecycle: From strategy to implementation, you will have the understanding to launch and lead your AI project or  strategy with success.

Is it for you?

  • Leaders & managers who want to gain clarity on the bigger picture of AI in business and how to lead their teams through AI integration;
  • Strategists who want to drive competitive advantage in their organisation;
  • Innovators seeking inspiration for change in their organisation, to drive market-leading experiences

Programme Modules

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Module 2 - Creating a Strategy & Idenfifying Opportunities
  • Module 3 - Executing your Strategy & Creating AI Applications
  • Module 4 - AI Inside the Organisation
  • Module 5 - AI and Society: Navigating the New World

Learning outcomes

Key course benefits

  • Explore: Learn to identify AI opportunities & gain clarity on how and why AI can benefit and be integrated into your organisation;
  • Strategise: Generate an effective AI road-map and get a competitive advantage. Gain the knowledge and confidence to present your strategy to the board;
  • Implement: Lead your team in implementing this new technology & learn to grow, hire and retain data science talent;
  • Innovate: Open your mind to the opportunities in AI and Machine Learning & learn how AI can be applied successfully to augment, automate.

Benefits of Online Academy

  • Convenience and flexibility - Learn whenever you want – from the comfort of your home or office
  • Enabled for mobile – make use of downtime with easy bite sized chunks of learning
  • Learn and apply right now – immediately implement what you learn during the course
  • Become part of a professional learning community - discuss any problems with students and the Course Instructor
  • Cost effective – save on travel expenses, reduce unproductive down time and no crowded airports
  • Grow as a team - with multiple licenses, your team can share common language and use content together

Programme Details

Module 1

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • Why AI is so important and what is the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'
  • Definition & Overview of AI
  • Demystification of the adjacent trends of AI, Big Data, & IoT

Module 2

Creating a Strategy & Identifying Opportunities

  • The key elements to consider in developing an AI strategy
  • Is the value of AI accessible to your enterprise now?
  • AI inspiration - our case study library will show you what's already possible

Module 3

Executing your Strategy & Creating AI Applications

  • The three steps for corporate adoption of AI
  • The 5 steps to create a machine learning application
  • Development approaches
  • Data as the vital basis of AI
  • Infrastructure: how to manage big data and ensure your approach is scalable

Module 4

AI Inside the Organisation

  • Internal communication: how to guide the board, manage expectations and obstacles to be aware of
  • AI Talent
  • Ways of working with AI

Module 5

AI and Society: Navigating the New World

  • The History of AI: a journey of thousands of years to reach the future
  • The Future of AI

Course Director

Ed Day

Data Scientist & University Lecturer

Ed Day is an expert in AI and Machine Learning with over thirty years’ technical consulting experience. Since 2006, he has been a Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University, where he also managed Big Data computing projects combining Machine Learning, Hadoop and Spark technologies. He has worked in a range of industries across both the public and private sectors, from financial institutions including American Express, to the Arizona Department of Corrections.