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Agile Online Leadership

Live Virtual Classroom

Learn tools and strategies to become an agile innovation champion in the commercial arena including all online collaboration templates ready to use.

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Course Overview

The Agile Online Leadership course is a fully immersive learning experience, focusing on the essential tools and techniques to create a more agile and innovative workforce. This unique programme provides individuals and organisations with the tools to implement lasting innovation.

Over 4 days, you will learn how to build remote collaboration networks, a design thinking mindset, problem solving essentials and a culture of agile innovation. Together, we enable you and your team to tackle any challenge online with clarity and energy, providing you with immediate measurable results .

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Live Virtual Classroom: TBC

PRICE: £1100 +VAT


What sets this programme apart?

Agile Leadership Experts

We design and deliver agile, lean and design thinking workshops for some of the worlds largest organisations. We offer expert information for co-creation and problem solving. All of our courses are delivered by global innovation experts.

On Demand Training

On demand interactive learning at scale to align your company by the common language of innovation. You will focus on the importance of user centered design to build, pilot and test value propositions.

Facilitation and Support

Full facilitation and technical support of your innovation processes. We build remote collaboration frameworks to enable your team to tackle any challenege online. Gain confidence, clarity and energy to create more agile and innovative ways of working. 

Collaborate From Anywhere

We'll set you up with the best online collaboration tools

  • Full video conferencing
  • Online webinar to connect with your facilitators and team
  • Breakaway room for ideation sessions
  • Connect via any device

  • Innovative online whiteboards
  • Create ideation and brainstorming whiteboards for new ideas
  • Develop rapid prototypes
  • Design strategic roadmaps for implementation

  • An agile collaboration hub
  • Never lose information with searchable conversations
  • Integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, Zoom and more
  • Collaborate with anyone!

  • Bonus webinar: Mastering the tech needed for best-practice remote collaboration
  • Crash Course: Solve any tought challenge in 90 minutes or less online
  • Free Training: Facilitate Innovation Remotely with the 'Tusk Fish Challenge' 

Programme Details

Module 1

Agile Manifesto

Build launch or refine an agile strategy for your team and harness the power of agile, lean and value driven change

  • Understanding agile and lean in a commercial context
  • Build your agile manifesto
  • Harness value driven change with agile team alignment
  • Create a team transformation canvas including purpose, roles, goals and expectations

Module 2

Performance Leadership

How to leverage Google OKR's for continous feedback and collaborative learning 

  • How Google sets goals - the power of Google's objectives and key results
  • OKR Mapping 
  • Building your companies OKR's
  • OKR Weekly check-in template
  • Collaborative learning objectives

Module 3

Agile Ways of Working

How to leverage agile retrospectives, agile portfolio and prioritization and agile working agreements

  • Learn to facilitate an Agile Retrospective
  • Draft your own Agile working agreement templates
  • Agile strategy and Priority Matrix
  • Use agile to plan priorities and manage backlogs

Module 4

Scrum and MVP

How to manage projects in an agile way with scrum and lean, build prototypes and experiments to test with real users to prove traction and minimize risk.

  • Implementing Lean - understand the activities needed to align and plan
  • Scrum and Kaban project management tools
  • Assumptions and Experiments mapping & planning
  • Planning cross-functional collaboration

Module 5

Agile OrganisationalCculture

Build an intentional culture and collaborative distributed teams with daily stand ups and lean processes

  • Rapid Problem solving for teams
  • Lean coffee meetings and lead more effective meetings with agile
  • Use daily stand-ups
  • Team retrospectives
  • Tiny habits framework