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Business Innovation Masterclass (Online Academy)

from the producers of the Innovation Mini MBA

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Course Overview

In our rapidly changing world of new technologies and raised customer expectations, innovation has become critical for every business and organisation: imperative for growth, competitive advantage and improving efficiency.

Innovation skillsets are now essential for professional development. Creativity and the ability to guide teams and businesses through accelerating change are the most valuable skills. The Business Innovation online learning programme will enable you to harness innovation for commercial and career focused growth and success.

Online Academy

Online Academy: 5th Nov 2020

PRICE: £699 + VAT


Why Choose This Course?

Why choose Business Innovation Online Academy?

  • Learn to pick the right innovation metrics for their project
  • Contribute in developing a work environment that embraces innovation. (share a common language, common processes, tools etc) 
  • Understand different types of business models and how/when to apply them
  • Use quick prototyping techniques to speed up product/service development 
  • Prepare and conduct a problem interview with their user/customer

Who is it for?

  • Product Managers
  • Research & development managers
  • Marketing / Sales managers
  • Consultants
  • Strategy leaders
  • Entrepreneurs / Intrapreneurs
  • Anyone willing to improve innovation within their organisation

Programme Modules

  • Why Innovate
  • Empathise and Validate
  • Ideate
  • Prototype and Testing
  • Build 
  • Embedding Innovation

Learning Outcomes

What You Will Learn

  • Accurately understand your customer needs and experiences.
  • Identify areas where innovation will have the greatest impact.
  • Unlock your creativity and increase your flow of ideas.
  • Create and test prototypes, for quick iterations and improvement.
  • Take an idea from concept to a commercialized business proposition.

Benefits for the Organisation

  • Be aware of the most common barriers to innovation and how to overcome them.
  • Discover how to bring people with you through innovation processes.
  • Be able to build a culture that fosters innovation.
  • Select innovative solutions with the greatest potential value.

Programme Details

Module 1

Why Innovate

  • What is innovation and why should I care?
  • Changing corporate skills and shifting culture 
  • Where innovation starts

Module 2

Empathise and Validate

  • Understanding your customers and  where innovation could be most valuable
  • Toolkit: stakeholder mapping; customer persona creation; customer journey mapping
  • Defining the correct problem to solve
  • Validating assumptions
  • Interviewing customers

Module 3


  • Creativity: the power of a serious approach
  • What stops us in generating new ideas?
  • The creative process – structure
  • Ideation: effective brainstorming techniques in business
  • Idea selection and priortisation

Module 4

Prototype and Testing

  • Customer journey mapping – what if?
  • Prototyping & visualization methods
  • Techniques and guidelines for successful application
  • Testing your prototype – Planning and
  • best practice

Module 5


  • Creating a commercial proposition - Business Model Canvas
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Master the financial aspects of innovation by understanding how to measure your innovation practices and projects

Module 6

Embedding Innovation

  • Creating a culture for innovation
  • Barriers to success – why do innovation functions fail
  • Influencing others – bringing people into the process

Programme Introduction

Watch Course Director Rody Vonk introduce the Business Innovation Online Academy programme

Course Director

Rody Vonk

Rody Vonk has been working as an innovation consultant and trainer for over fifteen years. Nowadays Rody uses his creative background in developing disruptive ideas and strategies for organizations that get stuck in their daily routine or projects.

What is an Online Academy Course?

Our Online Academy programmes offer interactive and engaging educational programmes designed to maximise learning for professionals with busy schedules. The programmes bring alike professionals together and gives you the opportunity to share ideas. Our on-demand feature means the content is available as and when you need it allowing greater flexibility to your professional development and learning.

  • 100% Online: Accessed online through your desktop or mobile devices.
  • Interactive: Interact directly with the trainer and fellow students
  • Engaging: Bitesize videos, articles, exercises, quizzes and digital activities.
  • Business Focus: Firmly rooted in practical application of innovation in a business setting
  • Self-Paced: All course material is available immediately, allowing you to fit learning to whenever most suits you.
  • 1.5 Hours/week: Most learners opt to complete a module per week

Is it for you?

Innovation is essential for all businesses, across all industries, and can be applied not only to brand new products but to improving existing offerings, and to improve operations and processes. The course has been design for:

Leaders & Managers

Who lead businesses, departments, projects and teams responsible for delivering ongoing success.


Who wish to grow their career in innovation.


Who are looking to switch careers to focus on innovation.