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Webinar: Human Potential in an AI World

9TH MAY| 2PM BST | 30 mins (INCL. Q&A)

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Innovation culture and  Design Thinking – not as human-centric as you think! 

In this 30-minutes session (followed by a Q&A session), Nicola Darke, Transformation Coach at Turbo Zen, will guide you through:

  • Why you’re struggling with an innovation culture - it’s not driven from human need
  • How humans are inherently adaptable - waking up to a human-centric future 
  • Diversity, adaptability, creativity and uncertainty are all essential for innovation - all require more anti-fragile humans 
  • Think differently - mindset, beliefs and mental models, systems and constructs - re-working design thinking 
  • When everything is tech first, how do we maintain a 'design thinking' approach and build for human need 
  • How our current systems are no longer serving us - AI, automation, sharing economy will require them to shift 
  • Enabling at the individual level - self-determination vs ecosystem - moving your organisation holistically to shape the future of work